Week 2 -Master Key

Here I go on in my class of the Master Key making sure to complete everything required in order to keep my scholarship. There are times I’m excited to do these things and other times it is more of a chore. I had an episode today where my old blueprint brought up some things about my current business dealings and how much money I have invested and such. I got really frustrated and angry about this. Then I shed some light on the subject, this was a prime example of how subby (subconscious) is providing the “safety mechanism.” Unfortunately that only causes fear, doubt and pain. Therefore I decided that I would do as suggested by the Master Key program and think about harmonious thoughts. It didn’t take long for me to appreciate what had just happened. It was a way of recognizing the old and bringing in the new. It makes me appreciate these moments because those are the things in my life that “didn’t  work.” Yet my old template defaults back to that because it is trying to deal and fix the external without dealing with the internal. I know from experience that practice makes perfect and programming yourself with good habits only produce good fruit. Therefore, I question why I kept taking the old beaten path of least resistance. Again it is familiar, even though it has the lions, tigers and bears, my old blueprint rather fight those on a daily basis than to take a path that might not contain any of those fearful things. Well I’m here for the long haul and I will not stop until I have what I desire and even then I will keep on keeping on because it is a good habit and my desire. I wish all my fellow class mates a successful path on this journey with me. See you next week and excited to do so.


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