Week 6-Master Key


Wow what a week of Master key services to do. I did many of the required weekly list early so as to not have to stress it later. See what I said? “Stress” I’m enjoying “SOME” of the process. I’m still worried about my old blueprints. They are not going away, well at least without a fight. I don’t feel different and the only thing I do different or better is keeping my commitments. That is only cause I have told myself if I don’t I am a failure. Maybe I need to look in that gal in the glass 10 times a day and tell her “I love You.” Maybe my love for my self is being conditional and its time to move to unconditional. I’m not even sure that the things I put on my DMP are what I really want in life. This gets a little scary sometimes. I’m ready to find my inner power for the outer world is looking at me and saying what are you going to do? I need to close my eyes and ignore the outer world and pretend it does not exist. I’m keeping this week short due to I do not have solutions to write about. Just going to keep on keeping on for I know that going backwards is no longer an option. Wishing all a another good week and will be with you in class Sunday.


Week 5-Master Key


Do it now! Do it now! I’m getting a lot done and there is more waiting behind it. My motivation is not at its highest this week. The Ego is really wanting control while I fight to drop it.  The assignment to drop or have no opinion, I have already failed. I giggle inside myself as I write this for I’m mainly a positive person. This too shall pass I tell myself. That microwave fix is very much wanted right now. One thing is I am determined and I am conquering, there is no other option because I have decided. Thought I had done everything required and then some to only get an email from my guide with something I did not complete and making suggestions. Bam!!! something else to do??? Then comes the thought of well she is only trying to help and get over yourself! Wish I could tell Ego to go away and it would listen. Right now I compare it to Satan in the bible and then say to it “be gone evil one!” I almost didn’t right this blog today due to could wait for a more cheery day. However due to those  with and after me who are struggling, I know they need to see this. I know this will make a difference in peoples lives as to realize not everyday is going to be happy yay yay days.  I also know that this is advancing me to move past the mountains and for that I am grateful. I could go grab a big milk shake and make my body feel better, although that does nothing for the spirit. It is only self gratification and a temporary fix. This journey is long term and permanent so I will not give in to the desires of failure. I have been down that road so many times that there is not one blade of grass left. I’m ready to take that less traveled road and my spirit is great within me so that is my focus. Great week to all and thanks for all the feedback.

Week 4-Master Key

field at sunset[1]

Starting this week has been interesting. I have been smacked with tons of work, hey the creating money part is great, the work not so much. It is a reflection of changes of my inner world that is now, time to be made. I have created busyness as a reward for money. I ask myself what am I holding on to and what do I need to let go in order to have the time I desire for myself and family? My inner mind is saying let go of the focus of the busyness and quit recreating. Well that is probably a start. There is much more I have to learn in the process and looking forward to it as it leads to me to greener pastures. My confidence has increased at a time that frustration would normally be taking place. Coming to terms that because I created this that I also have the power to create something different. I was on the road and got on the webinar for class via phone. I missed the first 30 mins due to it would not load. I kept messing with it till I got in because was not taking no for an answer lol. It was great, the class was two hours so made it worth my while catching the last 1.5 hours of it. Determination goes far and if it is a priority then you make it happen. Sending positive waves to my class members and wishing all a great week.

Week 3-Master Key

clean heart[1]

Going into week 3 of the Master Keys and have found that writing things down does keep it in my face and motivates me to get it done. I get excited about the Definite Major Purpose and I also get stressed. I’m not going to lie, there is fear and I know why there is fear. I do not completely believe it……yet. I’m true to all my exercises and know that part of it is because I haven’t replaced all my habits. I’m a little hard on myself saying you need to get this, why are you taking so long to make changes?! Then I have to remind myself that old blue prints are not formed overnight and neither are new habits. Taking a trip out of town later this week and have all my materials ready to take with me. I’m proud of myself for writing it down and preparing ahead of time of what I need to have so as to not miss a single day or time of staying true to the classes. That means on the way back that I will be listening via phone and won’t get a jump start on some of the things that I normally do, however I need this challenge. It pushes me further and lets me know that I am more than able. As long as it is a priority then subby will not give it a rest until it is done. Which also reminds me of how when we plan a vacation, if we planned our lives the way we planned our vacations then most of us would be vacationing more due to our lives would be in order as we want them and finances as well as time would not be a factor.  I will leave this weeks post with what I tell myself often, be true to yourself and know that you deserve the finest fruits in the world.

Week 1-Master Key first post

20141024_091907Here I start on a new path and the picture you see is pretty much how I feel. Wanting to cross, yet foggy and not sure what is on the other side. Even though I’m very excited about my new adventure, I’m also nervous and unsure. What am I nervous and unsure about? Well it is not the classes for they promise me a greater life if I do what is instructed and stick with it. That is just it, I have never stuck with anything that wasn’t demanded or felt like I had to do. This journey is about living my heart desire. I have had merely a taste of such and zig zagged to the point I always got mediocre results. Sure, many call me lucky and say I’m doing great compared to others. I can’t say I ever really lacked for anything. Well actually that is not so, I know there is a greater world inside me that I have NOT been living. That greater world is the very world that will allow me to lead others considered less fortunate than me to do the same. My fear is that I will drop the ball like I have done on so many other occasions. However there is also a drive this time, this time will be different. I can drop the ball and get the same results as in the past, never living up to my dreams I have for myself and family. This time it is decided to move forward and stay on the path. This is my life and if I was so content then I wouldn’t be here in the first place. There is a driving force in me that says you will endure and you will succeed. That force is what I and the world is waiting on and I will not keep myself or the world waiting any longer. As Mark J says, peace be the journey.