Week 16-Master Key


This week I am focusing in my sits on Happiness and Harmony as suggested by the Master Key. It feels so nice to just be and not make money the focus. I am transitioning to the serving and assisting first no matter what the outcome of the money is. I know I am in the dynamic flow and giving and receiving and subby has my back. These are all things we read and hear from the incredible Mark J and his crew. They know that said enough it sinks in ūüôā

I’m still practicing mental diet and working with it on the observation of kindness adds fuel to the fire. It is like letting go of stress and things I held on to that did not serve me, yet my peptides wanted them lolol. Its funny how you look back and say I was holding on to that for what reason????

We are the small percent that know what the majority do not so I am going to be reaching those others with every path I cross. On that journey I will remember peace, love, joy, happiness, harmony and all that is good ūüôā

Have a great weekend all, much love to you.


Week 15-Master Key


My word for the rating on the MK key class this week¬†is “Persistence.” I see this in my daughter who did everything it took to make sure she got enrolled into college with the necessary documents and trips. In my dog who demands to play fetch, in my husband who practices hard in pool in order to win big tourneys, in people in traffic doing what it takes to get to their jobs. I see it in myself with keeping caught up on assignments with the Master Key. As mentioned in the class, I could not see it if it was not already in me. ūüôā

I find that I am accomplishing things sooner, procrastination is no longer my enemy. I am an amazing, powerful and manifesting individual. I enjoy seeing this in others also, when one succeeds, we all succeed.

I am practicing insight this week as requested by the MK lesson. I think of the law of growth and subconscious when doing so. I am learning to not judge a book by its cover, to be the observer that only sees good in people. I have found that as I focus on good things, more and more of that comes my way. Is it due to because of the focus that I am just becoming more conscious of it? Is it due to me having good in me? Is it due to it was always there and I just needed to notice? Perhaps all of the above. Awareness is amazing and so are each and everyone of you reading my blog. Have a great week!



Week 14-Master Key



We was asked to watch a movie from a selection and my choice was “Wild.”

Due to being fond of nature in its natural beauty is what made me decide on this, knowing that it was about a hiking trip. I’m not a big TV or movie fan, although I’m very glad to have watched this one. It moved me on some things in life I could relate to.

What I admired in the journey in the movie this lady took was in what once were regrets, she found peace and forgiveness for herself. She even mentioned how each step led her to where she is now. I have often thought about my past and how I wished to have found the Master Key earlier. I also realize that for everything gained there is an opposite of something lost. All the challenges and all the laughs, I would have never had if I had chosen something different and would not be a memory I now have. Even the heartaches made me who I am today. Also I would not have appreciated this journey in my life as I am so grateful now. My life has been nothing of the things in the movie for I never had a wild bone in me and found my self being the non judgmental observer due to her use of drugs and other things.  I know that we all have had addictions of some type, how about peptides?! Even so, I have noticed as my awareness deepens so does my appreciation of everything.

I want to wish everyone an abundant happy New Year.


Week 13-Master Key


This has been a week of travel for me and just getting back in on Christmas eve. I took all my Master Key materials with me and went over everything as assigned. I didn’t get as much quiet time to myself, although that is expected when you have family around for the holidays. I’m just happy that I have learned to discipline myself enough to make it a priority to do the Master Key assignments first thing in the morning so as no excuses the rest of the day. It is getting late and I still have presents to wrap however was not going to let this day past without getting my blog in. I am still working on my mental diet. Also still catching thoughts before speaking them. I will keep on with this and I will succeed. Wishing all a Happy Holiday. Going to keep this week short to get with the festivities of the season. Looking forward to each week and as always, happy to have all on this journey with me.

Week 12-Master Key

man in sunset praying[3]

As I was preparing to write this blog I received a phone call. My¬† heart is still racing from excitement. It is for a big contract that I have been visualizing in my cleaning business. Now this is to make the proposal so I’m excited about the opportunity. I am thinking of one of the 7 laws of the mind, “Relaxed mind.” I am especially¬†practicing this when I make the proposal¬†because otherwise my mind will get off its leash and run everywhere. Happy to share this so now I can move on to writing my blog. ūüôā I have not gotten past the first day of the mental diet. I am catching my thoughts and being the observer so progress is being made and I know I am a success. ¬†I practiced this morning on what is suggested with lesson 12 on relaxing the body and mind. I did well for the first 20 seconds. (Its ok if you want to laugh, unless that would be an opinion). After that, everything in my life pops up randomly to the point I’m thinking gawleeeeee!!!!!!!! I didn’t get frustrated because that only creates more thoughts in the wrong direction. Therefore I went back to focus every time I became aware of what was happening. I did get some insights in reading MK 12 that I had not gotten earlier in the week. Such as our brain has not been wired to see things so we must train it to do so. I have been using the 50 index cards every morning, visualizing the seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. It gives me some good vibration feelings. I then move those fuzzy feelings to the growth of my business. Hey I am getting this, baby steps, although I am getting it. I appreciate each one of you for the encouragement and I am more than happy to¬†PROVIDE encouragement. Give more, get more. One last think I would like to add. I picked up 2 mastermind partners last week and they are amazing people! I am so excited to be able to talk to them and have them share with me. Will be with you all in class Sunday. Cheers!

Week 11-Master Key


Going into week 11 I am getting excited about all the things that I am able to create. I am focusing on my DMP and having it come to pass. Then will go on to new things to compliment them. Dreamed of so many things that I could not put them all in my DMP under 400 words and it was too over whelming. That is what makes this so exciting about the crawl before you walk theory. Providing subby a new blueprint, leaves room for expansion that never ends. The only limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. If you can think it while mastering the Laws of the mind, then you can have it.¬†There comes the things that I thought I wanted, was only things the world taught me to seek. Now I focus on “MY” world, the inner, powerful one. Then my outer world conforms to my desires. There is a saying when dealing with frustration that¬† says “this too shall pass.” I no longer focus on frustration, my focus is my desires and my affirmation is “this too shall¬†COME to pass.” Sending harmonious thoughts to my fellow MK students and enjoying reading your blogs.

Week 10-Master Key

girl with binoculars[1]

Visualizing and looking ahead is nice. My experience has been a mix of old and new blueprints. Still doing the mental diet on a daily basis. Have not made it past day one. Caught myself having a temper tantrum over something small. The computer was making me play the¬†waiting game and I just wasn’t in the mood and obviously didn’t have the patience.¬†It felt like I did so well all day and¬†then had to explode. After the tantrum, my peptide addiction was happy. Although my current self after the fact¬†was saying, what just happened??? I appreciate the process for it helps me have awareness in areas I didn’t even realize was an issue. I then went on to repeat I am whole, harmonious, healthy, loving, strong, powerful and perfect. I didn’t feel that way, of course the truth is that is what we all are. All on this journey to knock off the cement piece by piece.

I am trusting the process and doing what is required. My biggest challenge has been adding the feelings to the visualizations and while reading my DMP. I have spurts, just ready to move into that fuzzy, energetic and get excited mode like Mark J does ūüôā

Looking forward to class this week, especially after skipping a week. Happy to have connected with all on my blog roll and lets keep this journey going.


Week 9-Master Key

blocks spelling self discipline[1]

Have decided to really push thoughts aside that are negative and using my 7 second rule as well as the Law of Substitution. Reversing those things from negative to the best I see in¬†people helps lighten the load. I had randomly been doing that anyway, although doing that on a constant basis leaves no room for having to forgive over and over and allowing my moods to swing. Started remembering the 7 laws. I know what each one means and I know all 7 of them. Got my Master Mind partner last night and we agreed to a set a¬†time¬†to read our DMP to each other daily. She is a very busy lady so if I don’t catch her, have decided I will text her highlights of my DMP. LOL

This week is a lower key one for me due to the Holiday. I have¬†chosen to only do business that is already ongoing and spend each day doing my MK assignments (which I’m really starting to enjoy) and spending time with family. Going to also push my meditation times. I have been giving all my time to others and know that in order to be true to myself and them that¬†it is important to take the¬†time to sit. Wishing all a great Holiday and thankful for each one of you.

Week 8-Master Key

dog on ice copy[2]

This week has been a repeat of past experiences. I started a practice of my mental diet and although I have caught many of my thoughts, it made me feel like I’m one BIG OPINION! Now I have to decide if I want to start the real deal the week of Thanksgiving when I will obviously be around all sorts of people or wait the week after when it most likely will be more quiet. I’m shooting for another practice week. lol Its not that I’m scared, I’m just really serious about it and being realistic. I have noticed a few changes in my attitude on things. I’m starting to just take things as it is as it is, even when¬†they are not what I want them to be. I know that my thoughts will reflect my inner world so I’m fine with little changes which will gradually increase to big changes. Today I have some sinus crud so not very motivated as my picture of the doggy on ice reflects ha ha. I remember we don’t focus on sickness so I have decided to go with the flow, this to shall pass and I’m alive so life is good ūüôā I have posted my blog later than ever this week. The past ones were due to not wanting to stress it. This week is I’m confident that I’m doing it on time and in the right time. I’m looking forward to Sunday’s class and see you all then.


Week7-Master Key


Spiritual Growth and Liberty.

I have taken care of my house services and studies first as to allow myself time at a beautiful park today. I’m amazed at how my rewards for myself, that I enjoy the most, are free! Just thinking about the walk gives me great joy and renews my spirit. It puts a smile on my face, I connect immediately with nature and think clearly. I have chosen to focus more on my shapes with the colors that the MK has given us. I am not dreaming about them yet so not sure if subby is¬†processing it. I’m not worried if it has or not, just going to concentrate more on it because it can only help. A growth in process and observing my thoughts. Gave myself a couple of days to think on the 7 day mental diet. It prepares me¬†in catching my thoughts as they are coming and to practice the law of substitute. It is funny how little things that amount to nothing grab¬†my attention and¬†I have¬†focused on that. Therefore this is my time to break the addiction and focus on things for my growth. “Spiritual growth and Liberty.” I am opening my channels for giving and receiving. I am aware of everywhere I go, I bring and give a gift of some kind. Wednesday is known as hump day and today I choose to call it transformational day. I am transforming my mind, my life each day one minute at a time¬†and those around me shall be blessed for it. May everything beautiful and joyful cross your path this week and see you in class Sunday.