Week 24-Master Key

girl with binoculars[1]

Wow is all I can say at this moment. We are only one Webinar away from graduation of the MK and as much as I don’t want it to end, I’m so proud of myself for getting this far. I still am a growth in process. Have not fulfilled all of my DMP, although I may have set my expectations too high. I am more relaxed and love the new cards given to us for acceptance, responsibility and defenselessness. I am where I am because the universe is perfect and this is right where I am meant to be. Right here, at this moment everything is perfect. Even when my physical eyes would judge chaos, my inner world  is calm as a nice spring day. With that practice, my outer world will also be calm, it has to. As within so without. I have loved this journey and will most likely sign back up in Sept to learn and grow even further. Plus I love being connected with such an awesome group. As Mark says, Peace be the journey and I will end this with saying peace out. May all your desires be fulfilled 🙂


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