Week 23-Master Key

man in sunset praying[3]

Hello lovely people.

I can’t believe we are near the end of the 6 month course. I have loved it and didn’t get to be in on the March 3000 webinar, although have it on my list to listen to the replay and I will do that 🙂

I’m listening in segments to the video from last week on The science of getting rich. I’m really enjoying it and will be listening several times. I’m getting ready to write out my 4  cards and decided to do my blog first since had been slacking in that area . My determination and drive will see me thru. I’m still planning on my silence time and honestly looking forward to it. Yes there is fear involved although I’m not going to let that lil ole thing get in my way. Fear is my friend and it leads me to success. I’m so honored to be part of this journey and can’t way to share as well as hear all the success stories.

Love and peace to all, enjoy your week.


5 thoughts on “Week 23-Master Key”

  1. Nice to have you on this journey! And what a great journey to be on:-) I absolutely loved the Science of Getting Rich! I really heard it this time.. Even though I read it 5 years ago… I never applied any of it.. It was just information sitting in my head whilst I got on with my old blueprint… But now with the MKMMA the habits are changing and more and more cool stuff is happening! Enjoy the silence!

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