Week 22A-Master Key


I would like to start this week by saying the dental pain has not let up. However I know am on a healing road so as my picture shows, I’m believing to stand with my fellow students and get through this. It has been challenging to say the least. Has set me back on things I would expect to have done by now. I have decided this next week that I am going to enter the silence. Been pondering on a good time and with my son being on spring break, he will be hanging out with friends which will allow me to take the time needed. I ask my brothers and sisters on this journey to send positive healing vibes my way. I keep on keeping on as far as duties and so forth. I know some how must be creating this and do not know why, although maybe the silence will reveal it. The good news is some pain I had in my foot is gone. I really do not want to focus on the pain therefore when it is strongest I do my best to set my attention on other things. It is nice weather here being in the 70s. Going to spend some of my silence with nature in parks. Have a great week everyone and see you in class.


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