Week 22-Master Key 22

dog on ice copy[2]

I actually missed the deadline of week 22 which is the first although I wanted to fill in the blank anyway. Have been dealing with a dry socket and extreme pain from infection which has had me not very motivated. I have been telling myself I am healthy over and over. I know this shall pass and I go back to the dentist tomorrow so will be believing in good news. I’m going to push extra hard this week to make up and to do as OG suggest, when I am ill I will double my labor. Will post 22A this week and giving a group hug to all the staff, guides and students. MUAH!


6 thoughts on “Week 22-Master Key 22”

  1. Ow! I used a visualisation the other day and had miraculous results. Give that a go if you have the strength. Pain is a hindrance as it seems that is where our focus goes. It also makes us very present and in the moment… Feeling for ya. Get better…

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  2. OK, tapping on the inner edges of your eyebrows (acupressure point Bladder 2 – a well known tapping point for pain in my line of work) will help to diminish your pain. Tap on both Bladder 2 points in a rhythmicall manner – almost like a waltz rhythm (accent, light, light – repeat).

    Og’s comment on doubling your efforts when you’re ill – I must confess that to me that’s counter productive. But that’s just my own opinion. I don’t think OG is a doctor ;-} I wish you a speedy recovery so that you’re then in a safe and healthy position to easily double your efforts

    Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy

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    1. My pleasure. It’s so typical of us, that when we’re in a tough place we often forget the tools we have in our back pocket ;-)) Wishing you wellness. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love, Peace & Joy wendyht


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