Week 21-Master Key

blocks spelling self discipline[1]

I have put myself on a routine of doing my Master Key assignments and now I am practicing my thought process. Practicing my visualizations and making them picture perfect. Haneel says we must use our knowledge with visuals and we will be rewarded. Even if intermittent at first, it is well worth the efforts. Here is my repeats through out the day. “I am whole,  harmonious, happy , healthy, wealthy, strong, powerful, perfect, loving, confident and everything I set my hand to do shall prosper. As you can see I added some of my own. I really like the idea of not accepting the world without as luck of the draw and knowing that I create my reality. It is much more powerful and liberating. Thank you for all who have answered the call and stayed on this journey. We shall reap the rewards and each one of us is part of the Universal mind. Keeping in harmony and success is ours.

Have a great week.


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