Week 18-Master Key


This week is sort of confusing for me. I have felt all of the symptoms of denial, anger and grief. I have moments of break thru, although there are things I am resisting. Let go of that banana!!!! I’m doing better in my opinions. Have found that I’m more of a listener and observer. Also noticed that when you do not feed the fire of the other persons rant they tend to move on quicker. lol Such the term as misery loves company. I know that might be an opinion so lets move past that ha! I’m kind of bummed right now because just found out my bakers oven  has broken. Oh well, I will replace it and the positive is I get a NEW oven. In the last couple of months due to going down I have gotten a new side by side fridge, stand up freezer and now a oven. Again the positive is I have the resources to get these things and the Universe has decided I deserved them 🙂

I’m going keep digging in because I know this too shall pass and the herald within is waiting on me as well as the world. Therefore there is no need to keep them waiting. Sending successful vibrations for all on this journey to embrace the peace and harmony that is within  you.



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