Week 17a-Master Key

man in sunset praying[3]

I am noticing changes in me, these are things that were always there and with the training in the Master Key it has been brought to light. I’m really starting to get this give more get more and Karma things. Its a great feeling when things that frustrated me are no longer even something I consider as a road block. I’m more relaxed in things and noticing as well as feeling that inner power. I am noticing when others are giving their power away with out even realizing it. Mark J says we know more than 90 percent of others is really falling in place. Although I observe this, I then move on to not to focus on this due to I’m zooming in on the kindness, uniqueness and gifts in each individual. We are all connected and I am truly happy when I see others succeed. Instead of the worrying about others taking a piece of the pie, I know that when they succeed, they pave the road for others to succeed and many pies can and will be made. This week I have stayed true to my assignments other than being late on this blog. I went out of town actually thinking I already did it and did not have access to a computer to get it done after I realized that was the one thing that didn’t happen. However instead of making excuses, I’m going to accept it and give myself permission to continue to be perfect. I’m looking forward to our class this week and I am so grateful for all the MK crew. Blessings to all this week and always.





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