Week 17-Master Key


The south got hammered with snow and what we consider hammered, the north would laugh at. It is beautiful and I am grateful to know we are going to have it all weekend. Much sledding will be done. By the end of this Jan it suppose be back in 60s. That is unseasonable warm for us. Although in TN anything is possible. I have been doing all my MK assignments and have come to realize I am not taking long enough in my sits nor am I doing enough of them. I get so focused on knocking out my to do list that it comes last and really it should come FIRST! Therefore I have committed to from here out that I will take time to do the sit first and that will be my reward because with the sit comes peace, harmony,  insight and many things. I will be snowed in the rest of the weekend so making the class will come easy 🙂

Have a great week and may you see beauty in EVERYTHING.


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