Week 24-Master Key

girl with binoculars[1]

Wow is all I can say at this moment. We are only one Webinar away from graduation of the MK and as much as I don’t want it to end, I’m so proud of myself for getting this far. I still am a growth in process. Have not fulfilled all of my DMP, although I may have set my expectations too high. I am more relaxed and love the new cards given to us for acceptance, responsibility and defenselessness. I am where I am because the universe is perfect and this is right where I am meant to be. Right here, at this moment everything is perfect. Even when my physical eyes would judge chaos, my inner world  is calm as a nice spring day. With that practice, my outer world will also be calm, it has to. As within so without. I have loved this journey and will most likely sign back up in Sept to learn and grow even further. Plus I love being connected with such an awesome group. As Mark says, Peace be the journey and I will end this with saying peace out. May all your desires be fulfilled 🙂

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Week 23-Master Key

man in sunset praying[3]

Hello lovely people.

I can’t believe we are near the end of the 6 month course. I have loved it and didn’t get to be in on the March 3000 webinar, although have it on my list to listen to the replay and I will do that 🙂

I’m listening in segments to the video from last week on The science of getting rich. I’m really enjoying it and will be listening several times. I’m getting ready to write out my 4  cards and decided to do my blog first since had been slacking in that area . My determination and drive will see me thru. I’m still planning on my silence time and honestly looking forward to it. Yes there is fear involved although I’m not going to let that lil ole thing get in my way. Fear is my friend and it leads me to success. I’m so honored to be part of this journey and can’t way to share as well as hear all the success stories.

Love and peace to all, enjoy your week.

Week 22A-Master Key


I would like to start this week by saying the dental pain has not let up. However I know am on a healing road so as my picture shows, I’m believing to stand with my fellow students and get through this. It has been challenging to say the least. Has set me back on things I would expect to have done by now. I have decided this next week that I am going to enter the silence. Been pondering on a good time and with my son being on spring break, he will be hanging out with friends which will allow me to take the time needed. I ask my brothers and sisters on this journey to send positive healing vibes my way. I keep on keeping on as far as duties and so forth. I know some how must be creating this and do not know why, although maybe the silence will reveal it. The good news is some pain I had in my foot is gone. I really do not want to focus on the pain therefore when it is strongest I do my best to set my attention on other things. It is nice weather here being in the 70s. Going to spend some of my silence with nature in parks. Have a great week everyone and see you in class.

Week 22-Master Key 22

dog on ice copy[2]

I actually missed the deadline of week 22 which is the first although I wanted to fill in the blank anyway. Have been dealing with a dry socket and extreme pain from infection which has had me not very motivated. I have been telling myself I am healthy over and over. I know this shall pass and I go back to the dentist tomorrow so will be believing in good news. I’m going to push extra hard this week to make up and to do as OG suggest, when I am ill I will double my labor. Will post 22A this week and giving a group hug to all the staff, guides and students. MUAH!

Week 21-Master Key

blocks spelling self discipline[1]

I have put myself on a routine of doing my Master Key assignments and now I am practicing my thought process. Practicing my visualizations and making them picture perfect. Haneel says we must use our knowledge with visuals and we will be rewarded. Even if intermittent at first, it is well worth the efforts. Here is my repeats through out the day. “I am whole,  harmonious, happy , healthy, wealthy, strong, powerful, perfect, loving, confident and everything I set my hand to do shall prosper. As you can see I added some of my own. I really like the idea of not accepting the world without as luck of the draw and knowing that I create my reality. It is much more powerful and liberating. Thank you for all who have answered the call and stayed on this journey. We shall reap the rewards and each one of us is part of the Universal mind. Keeping in harmony and success is ours.

Have a great week.

Week 20-Master Key

field at sunset[1]

I have tackled a procrastination plus fear tactic this week. Went out scouting for my business and got some leads. My mouth was really hurting and I decided no excuses, go go go!

Today is a beautiful day and I’m rewarding myself by getting out and doing a walk in nature. I’m still being true to my assignments. I have not did my 1-5 category, although that is on my agenda for tomorrow so as to get it done by this week. It will be great practice to brainstorm and let subby get busy for me. I look forward to reading my co students blogs later today and hope everybody keeps on keeping on. We are a team and we are victorious, we got this!

Week 19-Master Key


This week has been a struggle, had a tooth pulled and developed a dry socket. I have been saying I am whole, healthy, etc. However have felt out of control this week, nervous, lacking confident. All the things we make positive affirmations for, which tells me I need to dig deeper. Also I think it is the effect of pain meds wearing off. I’m glad to be able to stop taking them now that the pain is manageable. Observing when I have a negative to take no thought of it and turn to a positive. I’m really looking forward to Sunday Webinar, I always feel better when I connect with my group. Although I must be self sufficient and not depend on that. Find that Herald, the hero. It is encouraging just knowing it is there. This is a short write and working on being genuine so laying it all out there. I appreciate my team and hope everybody has a great weekend.

Week 18-Master Key


This week is sort of confusing for me. I have felt all of the symptoms of denial, anger and grief. I have moments of break thru, although there are things I am resisting. Let go of that banana!!!! I’m doing better in my opinions. Have found that I’m more of a listener and observer. Also noticed that when you do not feed the fire of the other persons rant they tend to move on quicker. lol Such the term as misery loves company. I know that might be an opinion so lets move past that ha! I’m kind of bummed right now because just found out my bakers oven  has broken. Oh well, I will replace it and the positive is I get a NEW oven. In the last couple of months due to going down I have gotten a new side by side fridge, stand up freezer and now a oven. Again the positive is I have the resources to get these things and the Universe has decided I deserved them 🙂

I’m going keep digging in because I know this too shall pass and the herald within is waiting on me as well as the world. Therefore there is no need to keep them waiting. Sending successful vibrations for all on this journey to embrace the peace and harmony that is within  you.


Week 17a-Master Key

man in sunset praying[3]

I am noticing changes in me, these are things that were always there and with the training in the Master Key it has been brought to light. I’m really starting to get this give more get more and Karma things. Its a great feeling when things that frustrated me are no longer even something I consider as a road block. I’m more relaxed in things and noticing as well as feeling that inner power. I am noticing when others are giving their power away with out even realizing it. Mark J says we know more than 90 percent of others is really falling in place. Although I observe this, I then move on to not to focus on this due to I’m zooming in on the kindness, uniqueness and gifts in each individual. We are all connected and I am truly happy when I see others succeed. Instead of the worrying about others taking a piece of the pie, I know that when they succeed, they pave the road for others to succeed and many pies can and will be made. This week I have stayed true to my assignments other than being late on this blog. I went out of town actually thinking I already did it and did not have access to a computer to get it done after I realized that was the one thing that didn’t happen. However instead of making excuses, I’m going to accept it and give myself permission to continue to be perfect. I’m looking forward to our class this week and I am so grateful for all the MK crew. Blessings to all this week and always.




Week 17-Master Key


The south got hammered with snow and what we consider hammered, the north would laugh at. It is beautiful and I am grateful to know we are going to have it all weekend. Much sledding will be done. By the end of this Jan it suppose be back in 60s. That is unseasonable warm for us. Although in TN anything is possible. I have been doing all my MK assignments and have come to realize I am not taking long enough in my sits nor am I doing enough of them. I get so focused on knocking out my to do list that it comes last and really it should come FIRST! Therefore I have committed to from here out that I will take time to do the sit first and that will be my reward because with the sit comes peace, harmony,  insight and many things. I will be snowed in the rest of the weekend so making the class will come easy 🙂

Have a great week and may you see beauty in EVERYTHING.